Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's happening with our Churches?

Update 2/21 for the pith-seekers: See the action plan for your parish here.

I apologize, oh internet for neglecting to update you.

There is going to be a press conference tomorrow, and there is this which I copied and pasted from aodonline.org which apparently has a new URL:

Together in Faith: Parish Action Plans
The Archdiocese of Detroit between Feb. 14 and Feb. 16 has mailed to all registered Catholic parishioners a Pastoral Letter from Archbishop Allen Vigneron, along with the results of the Together in Faith, Phase Two planning.
This new information will be available on Monday evening, Feb. 20 at www.aodonline.org/TogetherInFaith

My pastor read a little bit of what we are getting in the mail. This isn't the doom and gloom that the media has been dishing out, but our Archbishop is laying out a plan for our parishes to be healthier through our involvement. Support Archbishop Vigneron in Together in Faith.

I already received a letter from Archbishop Vigneron, but it had nothing to do with this. Some fellow young adults and I wrote thank you notes to show our appreciation for his stand against the current administration's HHS mandate. Here is a video he posted this past week.

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