Wednesday, March 12, 2014

St. Jude Parish

St. Jude Parish celebrated its first Mass on July 13, 1941 with 500 people In attendance. For the first year, the parish worshipped in the auditorium of Denby High School. A combination church and parochial school opened on June 14, 1942. Fr. John Ording was the founding pastor and maintained that role for nearly three decades.

The cornerstone for the current church, located where 7 Mile and Moross Rd. meet, was laid in 1955. St. Jude has two levels: the lower level hosted its first Mass on Easter Sunday of 1956. The upper level held its first Mass in May of 1957.

Vibrant stained-glass windows are found throughout the church and every door is framed with windows.

Large windows with depictions of the gospels are displayed in the lower level of the nave.

The clerestory shows images of saints.

I was intrigued by the Stations of the Cross with a crown of thorns around the perimeter of each one.

After Mass, a parishioner kindly approached me, introduced herself and the pastor, then gave me a tour of the church. 

Fr. Shafique Masih has been pastor for nearly a year and previously served as associate pastor.

A plaque memorializes parishioners who died in Vietnam. Another plaque remembers deceased ushers.

Confessionals are located in both transepts but only those in the east transept are still used. 

The altar was extended in 1968. The old sanctuary has since been enclosed and a partition built in front. The front of this partition shows images of noteworthy people: St. Kateri Tekakwitha and Venerable Solanus Casey among others.

A daily Mass chapel now resides where the sanctuary once was.

To the left of this lies another chapel commonly used for group recitation of the rosary.

Several rows of pews were removed from the rear of the nave and a large cross-shaped baptismal font was added.

The Blessed Mother and St. Joseph stand in the west transept.

A large crucifix stands in the east transept.

Sunday Mass is at 10:00am and Saturday Vigil at 4:00pm. Daily Mass is at 8:30am Tuesday–Thursday. First Fridays, as well as Fridays of Lent and Advent, see 8:30am Mass.

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