Friday, February 20, 2015

St. Scholastica Church

St. Scholastica Parish was established in 1928 as a child parish from St. Mary’s of Redford. It was founded by Benedictines under the direction of Fr. Philip Bartoccetti, OSB. About a dozen people attended the first Mass on Christmas Day, 1928, in a small wood-frame church. A parish hall was added in 1935 followed by the St. Sylvester Monastery, a grade school, convent, and Benedictine High School.

The parish originally had 35 families and grew to a peak of nearly 3,000 families in the 1960s. The current church is located on W. Outer Drive, just west of Southfield Freeway, and built in 1965.

Mosaics are found along the walls of the main entrance and at the back of the sanctuary.

The baptismal font is located near the narthex and in front of a mosaic depicting the Baptism of the Lord.

Long bands of stained-glass windows top the side walls of the church.

Several archways are found at the main entrance and each one features a stained-glass depiction of a particular saint or scene.

The center scene shows the parish's patron alongside her brother, St. Benedict, and her community.

Windows at the side entrances; a large Infant of Prague stands in front of the lectern.

The back of the sanctuary features Gospel references as well as icons of Benedictine saints.

A metal baldachin hangs over the altar. The tabernacle stands in a recess between the altar and a rear chapel.

Mass is celebrated in the chapel at 8:00am, Tuesday–Friday, and 9:00am on Saturday. Saturday Vigil Mass is at 4:30pm and Sunday Mass is at 10:00am. Confessions are heard 30 minutes before each Mass.

Five priests, nine seminarians, and two transitional deacons from the Companions of the Cross reside at the rectory. Among them, Fr. Michael Scherrey, CC, is the current pastor.

For more info: parish websiteCompanions of the Cross

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