Sunday, March 27, 2016

Triduum in the D

St. Hyacinth Church, St. Albertus Shrine, Old St. Mary's Church,
Sweetest Heart of Mary Church, St. Josaphat Church

Two ushers stand at St. Hyacinth's altar of repose


An image of the Last Supper on display at St. Albertus

The Agony in the Garden at Old St. Mary's


Tenebrae at Sweetest Heart of Mary


Altar of repose and Tenebrae at St. Josaphat

Holy Family Church and Old St. Mary's Church

Evening Liturgy of Good Friday at Holy Family


The traditional, Italian "Cristo Morto" procession to the tomb

The Blessed Mother at Holy Family

The body of Christ at Old St. Mary's

St.Florian Church
Adoration at the tomb at St. Florian

Veneration of the cross


Easter basket blessing

Assumption Grotto, SS. Peter & Paul Church (west side)
After 6:30am Mass at Assumption Grotto

The Resurrected Christ at Grotto

SS. Peter & Paul Church (west side)

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