Tuesday, February 22, 2011

St. Hyacinth, another Polish Beauty.

This past Saturday I had the great pleasure of visiting St. Hyacinth. St. Hyacinth was founded in 1907 for the growing numbers of Polish immigrants in Poletown. Father Sylvester Kolkiewicz was the founding pastor. The first mass was celebrated in a house. In 1908 a combined church and school was built in 1908. The school was staffed by felicians. The present church, built in a Byzantine/Romanesque style was designed by the Donaldson and Meier firm and dedicated in 1924. A more detailed history is available on St. Hyacinth's website. I took much of this information written here from a pamphlet I was given by an usher after mass.

Upon entering you find that the church has been lovingly maintained and is in very good shape.
Being that the 100th anniversary was only 4 years ago, they probably did some major upkeep in the last decade.

This church stands out. Here is the beautiful Facade.

The apse above the sanctuary is painted a very pretty solid blue and features a large "medallion" which represents the sacrament of Holy Eucharist. Here you see it though it is obstructed by a light fixture.

Here is the stand-alone altar and high altar/reredos.

The church has remnants from Immaculate Conception church was razed amid controversy for the Hamtramck/Detroit GM Plant.

The second cupola features Polish saints:

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This is so lovely. I want to go. I really really like it. It is soooo pretty!