Wednesday, February 19, 2014

St. Suzanne–Our Lady Gate of Heaven

St. Suzanne–Our Lady Gate of Heaven is located at 9357 Westwood St., on the far west side of the city. The church is also about one mile directly north of their cluster partner, S.S. Peter & Paul.

St. Suzanne was founded in 1946 with a predominantly Irish-American congregation and the current edifice was constructed in 1961. Our Lady Gate of Heaven was founded in 1927 and located at 9555 St. Mary's St., 1.5 miles east of St. Suzanne. As the name suggests, the current parish is the result of a 2003 merger between the two namesakes. Fr. Jerry Pilus has served as pastor since 2010.

Like many churches of it age, the altar was extended at some point. The pews are angled to chevron configuration, likely another renovation.

Many of the windows feature scripture passages, prayers from the Ordinary, as well as depictions of sacraments.

A majority of the windows were created by Conrad Pickel Studio in 1962. 

Above the choir loft, St. Suzanne (center) is pictured with her father (left) and uncle (right).

The vestibule windows are very different, perhaps these are from the first church.

The parish celebrates Mass every Friday at 9:00am (chapel), Sundays at 9:00am, and Holy Days at Noon. Reconciliation is at 8:30am on Sundays. 

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