Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Gesu Parish

The original Gesu Church in 1922. source
Gesu Parish was established in 1922 and an addition was built the next year. The parish continued to grow and Masses were held in the basement of the school 1925–1935. The current church was finished in 1935 for the cost of $300,000, $5.2 million in today's value, and follows a Spanish Mission style of architecture.

Gesu is also one of few parishes in the city that still operates a parish K-8 schoolFr. Robert Scullin, SJ, is the current pastor.

Symbols of the four evangelists decorate the exterior walls while icons of the Blessed Mother hang above doorways.

Daily Mass is held every weekday at 5:30pm and Saturday Vigil Mass is at 5:00pm. Sunday Mass is at 8:00am and 10:30am.

An elaborate motif decorates the ceiling.

A large baldacchin hangs above the altar; the Holy Family is pictured in a sanctuary window.

At some point, the sanctuary was extended and pews rearranged. The tabernacle is located in between the main altar and rear chapel (wherhigh altar used to be).

In the rear of the nave, two large plaques honor the parish's World War II veterans.

A social area was built at the east side of the church and a partition separates it from the rest of the church.  Stations of the Cross line this wall.

Gesu is located in northwest Detroit, near McNichols and Livernois, immediately north of University of Detroit-Mercy.

For more info: parish websitebulletin archive
More photos: AOD Film Services, Flickr


Unknown said...

I visited once for daily Mass, and the Mass was in a chapel across the street. So if you get there and the door is closed, try across Oak Drive.

detroitchurchblog said...

Daily Mass is sometimes at a different location: either across the street or in the church. I went on a weekday and Mass was at the chapel behind the main altar. Refer to bulletin for location.