Saturday, January 03, 2015

Corpus Christi (formerly St. Gerard Parish)

St. Gerard Parish was established, in 1950, in northwest Detroit. The current church is dated to 1964 and located on Evergreen Rd. between 7 and 8 Mile.
St. Eugene Parish, located near 7 Mile and Berg, closed in 1989 and many parishioners moved to St. Gerard.

In 2006, St. Gerard merged with Immaculate Heart of Mary (est. 1948) to create Corpus Christi Parish. The former IHM, two miles east, is still used as a charter school.

Previously, there was another parish named Corpus Christi, established in 1923 and closed 1989, in northeast Detroit. This building is still in use by another denomination.
The clerestory windows feature a colorful, abstract pattern while the lower ones feature excerpts from Scripture.

A crucifix hangs in the narthex near an unusual, six-sided baptismal font — most baptismal fonts have eight sides.
Shrines to the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, respectively.

Fr. Don Archambault arrived in 1988 and remains there today. Daily Mass is celebrated at a side chapel, Monday–Thursday, at 8:30am. Saturday Vigil Mass is at 4:00pm preceded by 3:30pm confessions. Sunday Masses are at 9:00am and 11;00am.

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