Wednesday, January 28, 2015

St. Thomas Aquinas Church

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, established 1955, is located at the northeast corner of Evergreen and Ford Rd., where Detroit meets Dearborn and Dearborn Heights.

The parish elementary school closed several years ago and is currently occupied by a charter school. In 2013, St. Thomas Aquinas merged with nearby St. Christopher to form the aptly-named parish of St. Christopher–St. Thomas Aquinas.

Both churches remain active and Fr. Jaime Hinojos has served as pastor since the merger. Fr. Hinojos is also Vicar of the Trinity Vicariate and very active in evangelization and Hispanic ministry.

The tabernacle is located at the left side of the sanctuary below a resurrected Christ. A large crucifix stands at the right side of the sanctuary.

The Holy Family is depected outside the main entrance and in the sanctuary.

The narthex is dedicated the Blessed Virgin. It features Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of CzÄ™stochowa and Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

A display case shows relics as well as school memorabilia.

Abstract patterns decorate the stained-glass windows.

Sunday Mass is at 9:30am (Spanish) and Noon (English). Thursdays bring Confessions at 5:00pm and Spanish Mass at 6:00pm. Fridays see 10:00am English Mass.

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* disregard Mass schedule on The Catholic Directory, its outdated

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