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St. Paul of the Cross Passionist Retreat Center

In 1930, Passionist priests and brothers established a monastery in Detroit. They quickly began offering retreats for laity and a formal retreat house was established in 1948.
The main entrance of the original monastery, now owned and operated by the Orthodox Church - Source

A modern retreat house was built in 1960 with 85 guestrooms.
A postcard shows an aerial view of the retreat house shortly after it opened. - Source

The original monastery was sold years ago and currently houses St. Raphael of Brooklyn Orthodox Church as well as St. Andrew House.
St. Raphael of Brooklyn Church, formerly the Passionist chapel - Source

A statue of the namesake, founder of the Passionists, stands outside the gate along with the Passionist emblem. Another statue of the namesake stands outside the chapel.

Five Passionists live next door in a newer monastery. They host weekend retreats as well as abbreviated, single-day or evening retreats and many other events.

There are three wings of guestrooms, one is named after St. Joseph while the other two are named after Passionist saints, St. Paul of the Cross and St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, respectively.

St. Thérèse of Lisieux stands near a doorway; Our Lady of Częstochowa above one of the chapel's many side altars.

The chapel is very triangular with it's gable roof and ceiling as well as triangular tabernacle.

The Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph with Child Jesus are suspended at the sides of the santuary.

Resurrected Christ and an inscription of John 8:11 on the back wall of the chapel.

The Stations of the Cross line both the interior as well as exterior walls of the chapel.

The retreat center includes two acres of trails behind the chapel.

St. Joseph and Sacred Heart of Jesus stand among the trails.

Like many monasteries, an open square is located in the middle. This square features religious statues, a water fountain, benches and dining tables.

A large cross stands at the edge of the square, towering over the retreat house; another large cross, kneeler and 12th Station at the back of the chapel.

The Detroit Passionists are under the direction of the Holy Cross Province, based in Illinois.

St. Paul of the Cross Passionist Retreat Center stands on the far west side of Detroit, very close to Redford Township. It's on the south side of Schoolcraft Rd. (I-96/Jeffries Fwy.), in between Telegraph Rd. and W. Outer Drive.

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