Sunday, March 04, 2012

Another upcoming Church tour March 18

For those interested in Polish culture and Churches in Detroit, this is one for you. I saw a blurb in the church bulletin, and I thought I should share it with the internet.

Here is the schedule for March 18, 2012:

11:00-12:10- Mass at St. Hyacinth (Priest Janusz Iwan)(St. Joseph’s Day)*
12:10-12:30- Tour of St. Hyacinth -(Dennis Orlowski painting included)
12:30-1:00- Box Lunch at St. Hyacinth (call Stewart before tour with your choice of four types of Subway sandwiches—EAT HEALTHY!!)
1:00- Board Motor Coach and drive to St. Albertus (Terrific Driver is Henry)
1:10- 1:50- Tour St. Albertus with Teri -(Oldest Polish Church in Michigan)
2:00-2:45- Tour Sweetest Heart of Mary with Geri- (Detroit’s most beautiful church)(one of three Polish churches in a row on Canfield —The three churches include St. Albertus, “Sweetest Heart”, & St. Josephat.
3:00-3:50- Tour St. Florian Church In Hamtramck with Greg Kowalski
4:00-4:40- Shop at Srodek’s and Polish Art Center (possibly longer)
4:55-6:05- Dinner at the fantastic Polonia Restaurant in Hamtramck**
6:45- We should be back at St Hyacinth by 6:45 .
Check out the website for further information. All of these churches have been featured here before. Click on the labels to find the posts.

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