Friday, March 15, 2019

St. Theodore (St. Mary Cause of Our Joy Parish), Westland

St. Theodore of Canterbury Parish was established in 1965 and the current church was built in 1975 near the center of Westland.

In 2016, St. Theodore merged with other Westland parishes of St. Damian (est. 1955) and Divine Savior (est. 1973). The new parish was named St. Mary, Cause of Our Joy and only St. Theodore Church is still used by the parish. Fr. Ken Mazur, PIME, has been pastor since the merger.

Stations of the Cross line the left/south wall of the nave..

Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Therese in the chapel

St. Anne with Child Mary and St. Francis of Assisi in the chapel. Symbols of the Eucharist are portrayed a corner of the church.

Saturday Vigil Mass is at 4:30pm, preceded by Confessions at 3:30pm. Sunday Masses are at 8:00am, 10:00am and Noon.

Daily Mass is at 8:30am on Mondays, Thursday, and Fridays. Wednesday Mass is at Noon followed by Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament follows Wednesday Mass and concludes at 3:00pm.

For more info: parish website + PIME website

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Holy Name, Birmingham

Holy Name Parish was established in 1921 with Fr. William W. Ryan as founding pastor. Arthur Des Rosiers designed the first church in a Spanish style, measuring 30' x 80'. Construction began in November, 1921, and was finished the following spring. The first church was dedicated on April 30, 1922. A parish school was established in 1928 and remains in operation.
The first Holy Name Church, built in 1922 - source

The current edifice was designed by George Diehl and Associates with a capacity for 900. Construction began in 1954 and Edward Cardinal Mooney dedicated the church the following year.

The interior of the church was renovated in 1984. Other facilities such as a chapel, social whall, parish offices, etc. were added several years later. The church was renovated again in 2000.

The tabernacle was moved to a side chapel but much of the original high altar remains in place.

Stations of the Cross line each side of the nave.

The Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, respectively, where there likely used to be side altars.

Doctors of the Church, namely St. Jerome (left) and St. Basil (right), are depicted in stained-glass windows.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit is portrayed behind the baptismal font; a set of stained-glass windows over the former choir loft.

Msgr. John Zenz has been pastor since 2008. Msgr. was previously a weekend associate at Holy Name 1982-2005.

A set of stained-glass windows in the east transept

Daily Mass is celebrated at 8:00am in the chapel, Monday-Saturday. Saturday Vigil Mass is at 4:00pm, preceded by Confessions at 3:00pm. Sunday Masses are at 8:00am, 10:00am, and Noon.

West transept windows

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