Tuesday, April 05, 2011

St. Hedwig

I first promised a post on St. Hedwig in the early days of this blog. I most recently visited St. Hedwig this past Friday for First Friday Mass and stations, but the pictures I will feature were actually taken on the same day I visited St. Hyacinth.

I only found out (or maybe was reminded) recently that St. Hedwig was my Grandfather's parish and is where my mother was baptized. Intrepid reader, you may have guessed that this is a Polish church and indeed it is. The best ones are!

Święta Jadwiga is the 13th century Duchess, rather than the 14th century King (yes King) of Poland. The latter was not canonized (by the Church) until 1997, so a Church founded in 1903 wouldn't be named for her. (Or would it?)

I will post a few pictures to wet your whistle, but I tell you there are scores more on the virtual tour they have on their site. I have only looked at a small portion of the tour, and I already recommend it.

St. Hedwig and her 8 year-old banners stand proudly on Junction street, .3 miles Southeast of Michigan Avenue

The usher saw me looking around and taking pictures while he prepared for the 4pm Mass. He graciously turned the lights on in the Sanctuary. The high altar really is a sight as they often are.

I like this side altar. I hadn't seen St Therese portrayed in this way in statuary. St. Therese is letting down from heaven the shower of roses assisted by the Blessed Virgin and the Christ child. The roses are in what would appear to be the burial shroud of Christ which hangs from cross. It kind of tells the whole story.