Thursday, December 01, 2011

Archdiocesan News

It has been a big news week for Catholicism in Detroit. (Going back to last Friday)

Friday: Brother Rice High School defeated Lowell for the Division 2 State Championship

Saturday: Detroit Catholic Central fell to Cass Technical High School in the Division 1 State Championship (more on this later).
Just after 4pm the faithful in churches across the archdiocese responded "And with your spirit" as the third edition of the Roman Missal was unleashed across the United States.
Later in the evening Orchard Lake St. Mary's defeated Mt. Pleasant for the Division 3 State championship.

Sunday: The Catholic Television Network of Detroit (CTND) changed their major content provider from EWTN to Catholic TV (CTV) of Boston.

Tuesday: A letter started circulating around the internet filled with stupid comments about Cass Technical High school and the Detroit Public School system. The letter was alleged to have been written by someone who attended the game and delivered to Coach Wilcher of Cass Tech. The undersigned does not appear to be attached to the CC family, but the damage is done. Fr. Ranalletti, the president of CC issued a statement. Here is an article on the subject.

The big story for this Blog however came out today. The recommendations of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council have been posted on the archdiocesan website. Several parishes have been suggested for closure. There are further recommendations for clustering and mergers throughout the diocese. I will be writing on this as it develops and make efforts to feature parishes scheduled for closure before their closure.

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