Saturday, December 24, 2011

What time is Midnight Mass? Masstimes in the D.

Update: 4:00 am Christmas Eve. Additions to Renaissance. Addition of Trinity Vicariate. Some links added. This will probably be the last update. Please go to a mass and be generous. (And come back!) If you can't find what you are looking for here, try the AOD parish listing and give the parish a call.
Update: 12:00 am on 16 December. Additions to Renaissance and South Oakland Vicariates. Added Southwest Vicariate.
Update: 4:00pm on Gaudete Sunday. Info for Sweetest Heart of Mary and St. Josaphat.
Update: 12:40pm on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Details for St. Joseph and Assumption Grotto added. St. Justin Hazel Park added. Old St. Mary's added. Please leave a comment if you want to report the mass time at your parish!

Christmas is a wonderful time. We celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God made man. Emmanuel. God-with-us. We emulate God in His giving of the greatest gift to fallen man by giving gifts. Give a gift also to whichever parish you visit. The entire Christmas offering stays in the parish you give it to. Consider going to a Parish in Detroit (or elsewhere) that may be in need of a Christmas Bonus. (Make an offering at your own Parish as well!)

I will update this list as it is not exhaustive. I will go vicariate by vicariate to list mass times in Detroit, specifically the vigil masses. Go to Midnight Mass in the D and your own parish on Christmas day!

Genesis Vicariate: (Addresses)
  • Assumption Grotto: 4pm (Ordinary Form) & Midnight Orchestral Mass (Extraordinary Form - Latin Tridentine, Music composed by Fr. Perrone)
  • Blessed Sacrament Cathedral: Lessons/Carols at 11:30pm. Midnight Mass celebrated by Archbishop Vigneron
  • Church of the Madonna: 11:30pm Concert followed by Midnight Mass
  • Our Lady Queen of Apostles: 4pm Family Mass, 11:15 Choir Tribute followed by Midnight Mass
  • Our Lady Queen of Heaven: 4pm
  • St. Bartholemew-St. Rita: Recital at 3:30pm followed by 4pm Mass.
  • St. Benedict: Carols at 7:30pm followed by 8pm Mass.
  • St. Florian: Carols at 11:30pm followed by Midnight Mass with Koledy ( Polish Carols )
  • St. Gregory the Great: Concert 9:30pm followed by Mass at 10pm
  • St. Hyacinth: Koledy at 9:30pm followed by Mass at 10pm
  • St. Ladislaus: No vigil mass, but Christmas day 11 am (Polish)
  • St. Louis the King: 11:30pm Koledy followed by Midnight Mass
  • St. Raymond-Good Counsel: 6pm Mass
  • Transfiguration-Our Lady Help of Christians: 8:30pm Koledy followed by 9pm Mass.

Renaissance Vicariate

South Oakland Vicariate (Links to parish pages)
  • St. Justin, Hazel Park: Concert at 11:30pm followed by Midnight Mass
  • Shrine of the Little Flower: 4pm Children's, 6:30pm, 11pm musical prelude, Midnight Mass.
  • St. Mary Royal Oak: 4:30 pm, 10pm
  • St. James Ferndale: 4:30 pm, Midnight

Southwest Vicariate (Vicariate page with addresses and links)

  • Holy Redeemer: Las Posadas at 9:30pm, Bilingual mass at 10pm.
  • St. Hedwig: 4pm, 7pm (Spanish)
  • St. Francis of Assisi: Midnight Mass
  • Holy Cross Hungarian: 10:15pm Church opens, 10:30pm Christmas, 11pm Mass in Magyar (Hungarian) / English
  • Most Holy Trinity: 9:30 pm Posadas, 10pm Mass in Spanish/English
  • Ste. Anne de Detroit: 5pm, 10pm
  • All Saints: 4pm English Mass, 6pm Spanish Mass, 7pm Las Posadas
  • St. Gabriel: 4pm Bilingual Mass
  • Our Lady Queen of Apostles: 5pm Mass
  • St Stephen/MMOC: 10pm Bilingual Mass

Trinity Vicariate: (Links to all parish websites or AOD info page with address)

  • Gesu:4pm Children's mass, 10pm Carols, 10:30pm Mass
  • Corpus Christi: 4pm Children's mass, 9pm Lessons and Carols, 10pm Mass
  • SS Peter and Paul (Westside): 4:30pm Mass, 11:30 Carols and Koledy, Midnight Mass-Pasterka (Polish/English)
  • St. Mary's of Redford: 10:30 Choir performance, 11pm Mass.
  • St. Scholastica: 4:30pm, 8pm
  • St. Thomas Aquinas: 4pm and Midnight, both bilingual (Spanish/English)

  • St. Albertus: Doors open at 11pm, Music by Polonaise Chorale, Midnight Mass-Pasterka (Polish/English)


Cameron M. said...

St. Justin, Hazel Park. Mass at Midnight with Choral Concert from 11:30 to start of the Liturgy.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting! This makes my life a little easier :)

Cameron M. said...

Glad I can help. Any questions, please feel free to call me at the Parish.

Paul S. said...

Will there be a Christmas morning TLM at St. Josaphat?

Unknown said...

9:30 Mass at St. Josaphat will be a TLM, like any given Sunday.