Thursday, December 15, 2011

Upcoming Detroit Church Projects

There are 2 things I found out about today which are of interest to those who like historic Churches.

1st is a book about Detroit Churches: "Detroit's Historic Places of Worship." This is a long term project looking at 37 places of worship in Detroit, 12 of them Catholic. As seen on the Kickstarter page, Catholic Churches to be featured in the book include the following:

Immaculate Conception Ukrainian
Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
8 of those 10 have been featured on this here blog. (Links Provided)
I would wager that 1 of the remaining 2 is Ste. Anne.

Based on the images shown of the book, they will be going in great detail on the history and the architecture and providing large glossy photos. I expect this to be of great quality, a great complement to Godzak's book, and a worthwhile purchase at 39.95. It should be available early Fall 2012, since they have reached the $10,000 goal for underwriting the book.

Michigan Catholic has an article with more details on the book. I recommend also checking out the video posted on the Kickstarter page.

2nd is a TV show to be shown on CTND. Only Comcast, Brighthouse, and Wyandotte cable carry CTND, but CTND Streams live on the internet as well. This is all the information I have, but if I find more I will share it.

Building on Faith: The Historic Churches of Detroit – Immigrants who built the churches took inspiration from the architecture in their homeland and incorporated that into their new houses of worship. Artistic expression, celebration of heritage and dedication to the community around them are how these people built on faith and affected the fabric of the city itself.

  • Tuesday, December 27th at 1pm
  • Thursday, December 29th at 10:30am

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Feel free to hi-jack some of my photos from Holy Cross Hungarian with any you have.