Monday, February 03, 2014

St. Philomena Parish

St. Philomena Parish, founded in 1951, is located on the far east side of Detroit and very close to Grosse Pointe. The current edifice is dated in 1952 with a contemporary style of architecture. St. Philomena is the only Detroit parish in the SERF Vicariate as well as the only one classified under the Northeast Region of the archdiocese. Daily Mass is at 9:00am Tuesday–Thursday. Saturday Vigil Mass is 4:00pm, Sunday Mass is at 9:00am and 11:00am.

From left: St. Joseph with child Jesus, the Blessed Mother, and St. Philomena stand at the rear of the nave.

I was pleased to see some Christmas decorations still on display for the Presentation of the Lord.

The stained-glass windows and stations are fairly modern and minimal.

Msgr. Peter S. Lentine has served as pastor since 1966 (not a typo, he's really been there over four decades). He is the oldest pastor in the archdiocese at the age of 94, nearly 95. A scholarship fund bearing his name is available for seminarians at Sacred Heart Major Seminary.

However, due to some health problems, Msgr. Lentine doesn't celebrate Mass very often. Most of the Masses are celebrated by either Fr. Donald Worthy or Fr. Albert Sandor, OFM Cap. Before Mass, Fr. Worthy led the congregation in praying for the pastor's recovery. Msgr. Lentine is actually scheduled for surgery today, February 3. If you can pray for Msgr. Lentine, I'm sure the parishioners would appreciate it.

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