Sunday, November 14, 2010

St. Albertus

Sunday the 14th of November 2010, I heard Holy Mass at St. Albertus at St. Aubin and Canfield in Detroit. The Mass was celebrated in the Extraordinary Form, known as the Tridentine or Traditional Latin Mass.

St. Albertus was the first Polish Roman Catholic Church in Detroit. It unfortunately closed in 1990, but the The Polish American Historic Site Association (PAHSA) was formed in 1991 to preserve it.
It is a remarkably beautiful church, and there is very much the sense of national pride of the Poles who dedicated the current church building in 1885. Read up more at the wikipedia page linked above or at the PAHSA's website.

Interesting tidbit: Leon Czolgosz who assassinated President McKinley was actually baptized at St. Albertus.

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