Wednesday, November 17, 2010

St. Joseph and Supino Pizzeria

St. Joseph at 1828 Jay street is my parish. The 12:10 Wednesday mass is followed by Novena prayers to St. Joseph, Benediction, and veneration of a relic of this just man. St. Joseph is a powerful intercessor, perhaps you should foster a devotion to him?

St. Joseph is a historically German church located just south of Eastern Market. It is visible, but not accessible from Gratiot. The Parish website has an excellent page describing the history of the parish and the Church's architecture. The Church was dedicated 133 years ago yesterday, but it went under a few upgrades since then as you can see in the linked page. A fellow parishioner runs a blog about St. Joseph. I linked it in the side bar. Check it out!

I took some pictures today.

Memorial of Pastor Friedland shows the original and 'current' churches.

All masses at St. Joseph are said Ad Orientem
Fr. Czarnota said Mass (Novus Ordo English) today
and was assisted by Deacon Stimpson.

The St. Joseph Altar

One of my favorite features is the stained glass.
Behind the altar are pairs of bishops with pithy
pro-Papal sayings. Ubi Petrus Ibi Ecclesia

Where Peter is, there is the Church.

I like to sit under my name sake.

Here is the high altar after Mass.
Yes, we do use the communion rails.

The pictures make this long, but I do want to mention the meal part! After Mass I went to Supino Pizzeria on Russel at the south end of the Eastern Market. Staffed by hipsters sporting ironic mustaches and t-shirts (The African-American gentleman who served me wore this t-shirt.), they serve up some delicious thin-crust New York style pizza. I got 2 slices of cheese 'za and a pop for $6.10. One of their specialty pizzas is the Bizmarck which has fried eggs and Prosciutto on it. Anyone want to get one with me? I definitely want to go back. The decor is pretty cool too. I was sitting on a stool at a refurbished work bench. There was also a giant spoon made out of spoons. This would be a great spot after Mass at St. Joseph, St. Josaphat, or Sweetest Heart of Mary, but they are closed on Sunday. Perfect for a stop after a noon weekday Mass since the lunch rush is over. Not sure what the name is about. I didn't have to lie supine to eat my pizza.

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Barb Smerecki said...

The pews in St Joseph were intentionally crafted with the seat part measuring about 12 inches (a guess) The short benches were intended to cause worshipers to sit upright. Once when Auntie Glenda was looking for a job, I lit a candle at St Joseph as I was praying through his intercession for a job. Shortly there after, Glenda got a job.

About dining afterward. After you have had your pizza (Apparently this place was voted #1 in Detroit) you must head down a couple buildings to the Rocky P-Nut Company. They are the only place I know of where you can buy hotdog bubble gum