Monday, January 06, 2014

St. Ladislaus (Blessed John Paul II Parish)

St. Ladislaus Parish was established in 1920 and the current edifice built in 1953. In 2012, it merged with Transfiguration and St. Louis the King to form Blessed Pope John Paul II Parish. St. Ladislaus is located at 2730 Caniff, just west of Jos. Campau, in Hamtramck. 

I was drawn to some of the processional banners on display near the vestibule.
Hail Mary...pray for us

The stained-glass windows are intriguing. The perimeter of each window is bright and geometric while the center features a realistic portrayal of the Gospels. 
There's an interesting collection of statues throughout the church.

I like all of the small balconies overlooking the altar (left) and the portraits of former pastors (right).

Like many Polish churches, St. Ladislaus displays an icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

Mass is celebrated at 4:00pm, in English, on Saturdays and 11:00am, in Polish, on Sundays. For more information, view the bulletin archivethe blog of Creative Gene and AOD Film Services.

St. Ladislaus float in the Polish Day Parade with St. Florian Church in the background.
Photo courtesy of Karen Majewski

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