Friday, January 21, 2011

Holy Cross Hungarian

Holy Cross Hungarian, one of the stops on the January 7 church tour, is located in the Delray neighborhood of Detroit. It was established May 8 1905, and the current church was dedicated in 1925. Pride in Magyar history and culture is evident in this the only Hungarian church in Michigan. Images of several Hungarian Saints are throughout the church.

The parish is currently under the care of 2 Hungarian Franciscan Friars who were first assigned in 1994. If you are interested in more of the history, the website features a timeline for the parish. The website also features several photo galleries for your viewing pleasure.

Speaking of photos...

Here is the facade of this 86 year-old church:

Up top on the blue field you may recognize the red, white, and green of the Hungarian flag. Below that is one of the 15 beautiful murals depicting mysteries of the rosary. This depiction of the Annunciation (1st Joyful Mystery) as well as the other 14 were painted in the late 1940's by Paul Daubner.

Behind the altar the 5 great Hungarian saints are depicted in stained glass.
Stephen, Emery, Ladislaus, Elizabeth, and Margaret are joined also by Peter and Paul and a depiction of the crucifixion. There is one more, but it's not visible, and I don't remember who it is. (Left to Right: Elizabeth, Ladislaus, Peter, Paul, Steven, Emory, not shown: Margaret and mystery saint) Above the stained glass is a mural of the crucifixion (5th Sorrowful mystery)

Everywhere the eye can see the church is painted beautifully. Here is the ceiling where the transept and the nave meet.

The High altar and Reredos are a sight as well. Here is a more detailed view:

Venerable Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty
had visited the Church twice before he died in exile in Vienna in 1975. He was a fierce opponent of communism which got him into trouble a few times to say the least. This plaque in the vestibule commemorates his visits to Holy Cross.

I'll leave you with a statue of St. Elizabeth.

Holy Cross has Mass at 9am Sunday-Friday, 4pm Saturday, and 11am Sunday (in Hungarian). This gives you plenty of opportunities to visit, and I recommend that you do. This is a true beauty.


Andy said...

I think this was my favorite church on the tour! It is Detroits's Sistine Chapel.

Diane Korzeniewski said...

I've got quite a few pics from Holy Cross Hungarian in this post made when the Assumption Grotto Choir went there to sing.

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting and sharing, Diane. The photo posts on your site are always very nice.


Unknown said...

Whatever happened to the large cross that was on the alter when my parents were married in 1945. I was told it was purchased my my grandparents. Diane Mesechoff -Bruglio