Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Return to Holy Redeemer

This is another Church we have already visited, but I have some new information a pictures, I would like to share.

First: the Romanesque church is based on St. Paul outside the Walls. I see the similarity in the ceiling squares, but the similarities don't end there.

Here we have a better picture of the mural of Christ our Redeemer. The picture in the previous post suffered from bad lighting.

Being a Parish with some Redemptorist history, they of course are devoted to Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

The tour guide (HR's music director) let a few of us into the Bell Tower chapel.
The chapel is very small and is more or less a baptistery, but from what I heard, it was kind of an afterthought made with excess materials.


Mosaic of Our Lord's Baptism:

Baptismal font:

Over the threshold, Meta Noeite (Greek for Repent):

This should conclude the "repeats" section from the church tour. I have two new churches to feature from the tour, and I have visited two more since the tour, so we'll have some new content over the next week or so.

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