Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ste. Anne Revisited.

I had posted on Ste. Anne de Detroit before, but I was in the chapel. On the church tour I was in the main church, and here are some photos from that evening.

The facade in snowy twilight:

Statue of Ste. Anne and the implements left behind by those healed through her intercession:

High Altar, reredos, and free standing altar (behind the flowers)

Details:Pew ends, Fleur-de
Lis in Santuary Floor (remember the French roots), A and J (Anne and Joachim)

This is above the sink in the sacristy. The Latin means: "All employees must wash hands before returning to work"*

*Not really Here is a (not literal, but well-worded) translation I found on wikipedia: "Give virtue to my hands, O Lord, that being cleansed from all stain I might serve you with purity of mind and body. "

Programming notes:
Continuing in our revisiting of previously viewed parishes, we will next have some new images from Holy Redeemer. Speaking of which, I am the number 1 google hit for this search:
"jack white" holy redeemer
I have hit over 1000 views. Yay! You may start seeing advertisements as a means to generate some modest income. We'll see.



Andy said...

Hello Andrew,

The inscription above the sink in the sacristy is the prayer that the Priest prays when he washes his hands before he begins to vest for Mass in the Traditional Rite.


Unknown said...

Yes, I know. I was just making a bad joke. Were the vesting prayers abrogated with the Novus Ordo, or did they just happen to fall into desuetude in the "Spirit" of the council?

Andy said...

I don't think they were abrogated, I just think they aren't used anymore.